I was alerted to the Boden website by a very well dressed friend. She buys spring cashmere sweaters there. I am thankful to her because I love this site. You can find a dress, skirt, sweater, or top for a great price and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Also you can buy skirts and dresses in a long and regular length(how cool is that?). I have bought 2 or 3 pieces a season for my closet and they are still there.
I have teamed up some of the Boden pieces with other items and have listed the site. We really like Boden for its style and value. BodenUSA click for women's, men's, kids and baby clothes.

$78.00-this comes in some great colorways.

$68.00-this skirt comes in many good colors. White skirts are like white shirts and pants-you need to replace them every year because they start looking dirty.
This week I met with other Nerium Partners and the results of this cream are so impressive and clinically proven. We will have more updates on this. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I have used Nerium since mid November and I really love it!


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