$898.00-Lafayette 148-a great travel coat that will look good with black, white, brown or jeans.

$398.00-Lafayette 148 New YorkBarrymore Silk Top. This is a wonderful jewelry top. It can be worn with slim black pants and a skinny white jean.
$598.00-Lafayette 148-every Lafayette 148 dress I have owned has been easy and comfortable to wear. They look good for a few seasons,

$178.00-from Anthropologie. This is a skirt you will wear everyday!!
$109.95-this just proves that you can get a great looking shoe at a low price.
$398.00-Lafayette 148-this is a top that will camoflage your flaws and it's pretty!
$278.00-the Bleeker pant by Lafayette 148. This pant fits very well and comes in white, black and kakhi.
$530.00-Prada. I love the small heel!

$448.00-Lafayette 148-I pesonally love this dress. It's simple and chic.
$335.00-Stuart Weitzman-a shoe that looks hip and you can walk in!

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