I had two questions yesterday asking for information. One woman who is older wants to wear the cardigan from Peruvian Connection with skinny jeans that are appropriate. What does she do? I think Not Your Daughters Jeans are the answer. They fit incredibly well, they are high waisted (which is becoming a trend-even Victoria Beckham was wearing high waisted jeans recently) and they are really comfortable. I would size down from my experience. Below are three options.
These Not Your Daughters Jeans(Janice Legging in stretch corduroy) for $98.00 come in teal, black brown, red and a tan color. They are great and believe me you will love them!
$110.00-these come in five great colors including black!
$130.00-black stretch velvet jeans. Maybe these do not look skinny enough but if you are older-these are going to look great-no questions asked-you are a hit!

My second question from an admirer (thank you-I am very flattered) is where in Houston can you find bright colored tights? Well since ShopScouter is now primarily finding things on the web-I would suggest Zappos and we are showing three options below. In Houston, I would go to Dillards and Macy's and if you go to London look for brightly colored tights at Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Selfriges, and especially Mark's & Spencer. You will get so much more in London than we offer in the US.

Bluefly offers some fabulous sweaters at a great price-below are some of our favorites.
I've bought a few Hayden sweaters on Bluefly. I like the feel of the cashmere and they are often the last sweaters that I recyle. Was $355.00 now
Was $298.00 Now $111.30 Well, I am probably showing this because I need this color-great style and price for a cashmere sweater.
Was $350.00 Now $125.30 Great hombred sweater by Hayden.
Was $162.00 now $54.60-with solid black you are going to have a great outfit or if you are a true stylist you can make this work with anything! This is a deal and it comes in black, charcoal, off white and burgundy!!
Was475.00  Now $199.50 This sweater by Autumn Cashmere comes in gray, dark gray, black and burgundy and it is fabulous!
Was $282.00 Now $118.30. Such a great easy weekend look and this comes in other colors!


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