$125.00-Check out the fabulous colors this boot comes in!
$79.00-we all love Lucy-Lucy. Customers like the fit of this pant so much they are ordering 2 pair. 
$77.99-Pretty cute dress for the price.
$28.00-this comes in wonderful bright colors.
$120.00-Ugg's are great gifts for anyone.
$100.00-Going to Santa Fe?
$48.00-I think this is a good gift for a man. 
$35.00-Glow in the dark makes this an even better gift for a child!
Now on SALE Was !$54.00 Now $43.99
$89.00-very tastefully done for a Christmas shirt.
$54.95-Blinking Boots-what a great gift for a little girl!
Now on SALE! Was $89.00 Now $75.95
$76.00-The fashion designer in me loves the bubble hem!
$99.00-this shoe gets amazing reviews for style and comfort!
$39.00-a great product for the price.
$235.00-Cowboy boots by Stetson make a great gift.
Now on SALE!$168.00$101.99-I am crazy about this color.
Now on SALE! Was $46.99 Now $37.99-More blinking shoes!
$160.00-a shearling glove  keeps your hands warm.

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