Well-sale time is beginning and you can find good things on sale-you just have to spend more time looking for them. I hope we can save you time. 
Was $250.00 Now $224.99. I love this blouse over corduroy brown jeans and boots. 
Was $425.00 Now $297.50 (30% off): Coastal, Black Willow. I can't say enough about any Vince sweater-they fit well and feel divine. We like this sweater with both the shirts below.
Was $275.00 Now $192.50 (30% off): Twig. I love this top. It looks great with a slim skirt and will work with a skinny pant.
Was $148.00 Now $88.80 (40% off).
A great everyday shirt with jeans or a skirt.
Was $395.00 Now $276.50 (30% off): Sapphire/Black. I love the texture in this sweater and the color and they way Shopbop has styled- it is great.
Was $585.00 Now $409.50 (30% off).
This is not fur but looks like fur-gorgeous vest and I like it with the shirred tee. 
Was $218.00 Now $152.60 (30% off): Black, Camel. Personally, I am not crazy about the slits but I love the shirt. I would have my tailor tack it in three places on the sleeve.
Was $320.00 Now $224.00 (30% off): Toffee, Charcoal. When I was a knitwear designer I used this yarn. The yarn is soft and cozy and I really want this sweater!
Was $275.00 Now $192.50 (30% off): Royal Purple. This is a very pretty and beautifully designed dress and the color is fabulous-not too many sizes left.
Was $295.00 Now $206.50 (30% off): Black Melange, Bisque.
This comes in 2 colors and it is a wonderful looking sweater.
Was $348.00 Now $208.80 (40% off).
A beautifully styled dress-just stunning. 
Was $1,795.00 Now$1,077.00 (40% off): Spruce. I am imaging sitting in a posh casual restaurant in Aspen and wearing this with a pair of long big earrings.
Was $198.00 Now $138.60 (30% off): Saffron, Navy. A corduroy jacket-that is why we like it and the yellow and navy are great colors to have in your closet.
Was $242.00 Now $169.40 (30% off): Steel. Great top for casual and we love the gray color!
Was $440.00 Now $308.00 (30% off):
Just imagine this top with a slim black skirt and gorgeous boots or pumps-it is a winner.
Was $275.00 Now $192.50 (30% off): Cinnamon Stick Sparkle. A good jean top-you will look sharp and put together.
Was $598.00 Now $418.60 (30% off): Dark Navy. This is what I would wear.
I would wear it with a cool wedge or opaque stockings and tall black boots or dark stockings and a platform pump.
Was $495.00 Now $346.50 (30% off): Lemon. I would wear this with a beige or black top and tall black boots. Love this skirt!

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