Hot shoe line 


I have recently discovered that we have a wonderful shoe resource here in Houston. The line of shoes called Comme Il Faut is designed and made in Argentina and represented by Ann and her daughter Laura(website-Laura's Comme Il Faut). What is so great about this line is that it delivers comfort and fashion at the perfect price of $225.00 a pair. Some of the shoes resemble Manolo Blahnik. Even better these shoes are truly one of a kind with the company only producing 40 pairs per style and new styles being produced every two weeks. Ann's customers are women who swore they would never wear high heels again and now are wearing heels made by Comme Il Faut. She stocks shoes with a 3 and 3 1/2 inch heel. The shoes are also worn by Tango dancers. Because of this they have a steel plate in the heel and shank for additional support which makes them super comfortable. I had foot surgery about eight months ago and they fit my foot perfectly. I could walk in them forever. 
Please look at the website website-Laura's Comme Il Faut to see these wonderful shoes!


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