I have to admit-I had to do many other things besides ShopScouter today and now I am glued to the election results. So this is a brief blog. Bluefly has fabulous designer(Prada, Miu Miu, YSL and many others) handbags at a discount. There are better items at certain points in a season and there are some great bags now. Click on any of these bags and search for your favorite designer handbag and see what you find.
Was $2,680.00 Now $1,930.50
You save $750.00
Was $1,880.00 Now $1,354.50
You save $526.00
Was $1,950.00 Now $1,408.50
You save $542.00
Was $1,880.00 Now$1,354.50
You save $526.00
Was $1,895.00 Now $1,363.50
You save $532.00
Was $1,495.00 Now $1,075.50
You save $420.00


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