Someone asked me today what boots(with a medium heel) might not have the price tag of Jimmy Choo and still look good. I came up with these three boots below. My personal favorite is the Toujours boot by Stuart Weitzman. 

Black, Blue and white all over-the dress
$465.00-this is a great work going into evening dress. Its looks great as it is and I would wear it with black tights and this boot or a nude leg with a pump.
$250.00-love the price, look and the reviews say comfort-not bad for $250.00 when they look like a designer shoe. Wear them with every dress on this page.
$378.00-this is a style from last year and I think it looks great on. I would wear it with a wedge or tall boots and opaque tights or a pump.
$475.00-for fashion this shoe by Pedro Garcia will make a statement worn with every dress on this page!
$251.00-Rachel's Pally's line in incredibly well priced and very flattering to many figures. They have this dress and many others in plus sizes-not bad!
$398.00. Well, I wish I was younger or I wish this was longer. Information about finding out what the length of a dress is-shoulder to waist is 16" and waist to mid knee is 21" for a average 5' 6" woman or girl. Figure out a dress length with this info.
$725.00- the tiny size of this model really bothers me-I am being diplomatic. If one was a bit heavier this dress would look fantastic. 
$398.00-if you live in the south or west coast this is a great dress. The back is fabulous!
$440.00- this dress by Nicole Miller also comes in a forest green(gorgeous). This dress will flatter most figures.
$528.00-Great dress by Alexander McQueen and only a few sizes left.
Would look great with my favorite long cashmere black sweater from Pure Collection in black.



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