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Here are some amazing testimonials!  
Amanda's Real Results!
In her own words: "I've been a stylist and make-artist for 7 years. I tell you this because I am CONSTANTLY approached about joining make-up and skin care companies. When Nerium first crossed my path, I pretty much put it to the side thinking "here we go again!", I rejected the idea of it. Then I was urged to take a second look and on August 18th, 2012 I joined this amazing company Nerium. I am here to say that this product has CHANGED my life- personally and professionally. I am proof that Nerium is perfect for ANYONE no matter what their age! I am only 25 years old and look at how it improved my skin! I am in LOVE with the product AND the company. Thank you Nerium for loving, caring and SHARING!"
This is cute-'Oh my gosh, this is my husband. That was 3 weeks (& not even a whole bottle, ha!). He was so skeptical too when I first told him to try it. He said "no way a cream can do all that this one says it can"!!! And now look! AND the importance of pictures?...we didn't even notice the difference until we compared the before & after pics!!!'

The printed pant



Mix & Match


$445.00-This is such a flattering dress and wonderful color!
$535.00-There are only 2 left in stock and I can see why. It has the look of Prada without the price tag.

$225.00-this is the dress you are going to want to wear everyday.
$69.00-These come in 11 fantastic color combinations!

$148.00-I think this is a good transition dress.
$258.00-this short boot will look great with a slouchy pant or skinny jean.
$172.00-the perfect easy summer dress.
$135.00-Cute, well priced everyday sandal that will look great with the dress above.

$690.00-Sexy and lovely.

$258.00-Very elegant!
$595.00-this Chloe is going to work with most everything you own!
$378.00-I want this dress!
$375.00-the heel is not too high and the look is fabulous!

$188.00-I love this dress and it will look great with a skinny belt or a concho belt.
$148.00-I love this dress with a wedge  and it will also work with an everyday flat.

$348.00-the tie front is a wonderful detail!
$450.00-this Chloe flat shines in a sunny yellow!

$275.00-this dress has great detailing.
Team it with a belt and a matching cardigan.
$330.00-Remember, it does not have to match perfectly.
$298.00-this shoe comes in a huge array of colors.

At Ann Taylor Loft:

At Brooks Brothers:

$400.00-This dress has outstanding detail in it for the price. The perfect black dress.
Was $690.00 Now $314.99
Was $190.00 Now $132.99

$315.00-Great seam detail.
Really cute for $119.00!


Anthropologie has great tops right now. A few new tops update any wardrobe. A new blouse can make a skirt, pants or jeans look brand new. We have also found some fabulous flats at great prices.
$218.00-We like the high rise and skinny leg.
$85.00-all the reviews say this shoe is really comfortable.

$118.00-these are fabulous. The perfect spring and summer uniform!
Was $460.00 Now $229.99
$128.00-I think this is a wonderful 'basic' to run around in and look chic at the same time.
Was $198.00 Now $138.60

$88.00-This top will go with anything.
$104.00-love the color and the length!
$188.00-this is a great top to wear with a skirt or jeans. It will work well
with white jeans.
$90.00-these come in a HUGE range of colors!


Hot sale items


Now on SALE! was $98.00 Now $72.99-Ponte fabric looks and feels 
great and you can't go wrong with Not Your Daughter's Jeans.
Not Your Daughters Jeans Charlotte Ponte Trouser
Was $128.00 Now $81.99-this dress is on sale in black also.
Was $66.00 Now $52.99-I have this turtleneck in a blue color and I love it!
Was $168.00 Now $100.99
Was $176.00 Now $108.99-perfect for spring with a nice black wedge.
Was $154.00 Now $93.99-this jacket has a great shape!
Was $375.00 Now $229.00-this is a pretty classic shoe which also comes in a black/Brown combo.
Now on SALE! Was $186.00 Now $110.99
Was $32.00 Now $28.99-fleece lined leggings really appeal to me right now!
Was $79.00 Now $62.99-Cute top from Lucy.
Was $60.00 Now $47.99
Was $110.00 Now $78.99
Was $295.00 Now $177.99
Was $595.00 Now $399.00
Now on SALE! Was $129.50 Now $89.99
Was $89.00 Now $80.99-Hanky Panky rarely go on sale.
Was $228.00 Now $205.99-I love this dress and it will take you right into spring.
Was $348.00 Now $244.99
BCBGMAXAZRIA Barbara One-Shoulder Evening Gown
Was $225.00 Now $202.99
Was $595.00 Now $399.00
Was $625.00 Now $399.00-some great boots on sale!
Was $475.00 Now $299.00-nice looking short boot on sale! And it comes in black.
There are some great dresses here in a rainbow of prices. If the dress is inexpensive, you can make it look expensive by wearing it with a designer shoe. Shoes(or boots) are really important. The wrong shoe ruins an outfit. 
Now on SALE! Was $149.00 Now $134.99 This dress gets great reviews and it goes up to a size 18
$99.00-the back of this dress is fabulous!
$128.00-this looks like a Micheal Kors from last spring for a fraction of the cost.
Now on SALE! Was $268.00 Now $160.99. I love this dress-it's flirtly and the seaming and detail are beautiful.
$363.00-for those of us who need more coverage, this does not look dowdy!
$595.00-this is the kind of dress I would wear everywhere. I would wear it with flat sandals in the spring and summer and boots right now. This can be casual or dressy.
$165.00-this comes in red also.
$235.00-this is a great jewelry dress.
$358.00-You can't go wrong with Poka Dots!
$98.00-This looks expensive. Make sure you wear it with the right shoes. The wrong shoes will ruin an outfit.
$2,190.00-all I can say is Stunning!
$395.00-Vince never fails!
Now on SALE! Was $118.00 Now $105.99 This dress in so flattering and inexpensive!
$163.00-the designer at Bailey 44 always does things right!
$395.00-Catherine Malandrino's knits are beautiful but the line can run small.
A steal at $69.00.
$400.00-this dress makes me want to have a black tie party just so I can wear it!
$132.50 (50% off): Cardinal, Prune, Black-Great looking bootie on sale.
$298.00-I think BCBGMAXARZIA gives a lot of style for your money.
$374.00-I love this dress!
$595.00-Great dress!!!
$425.00-How lovely and demure. 
$398.00-this is described as a sweater dress but the fabrication is rayon with spandex so it is not a sweater knit fabric.
$169.00-this line makes such flattering dresses at fantastic prices. This has the look and shape of a Dolce & Gabbana.
$298.00-this is going to be 16" from the waist so it is short. I would wear it with skinny jeans.
If you are petite for $178.00 this is a steal!
$330-My feeling is that Mark & James have a new designer. What a cute dress!
$268.00-this a a dress I would go to everyday
$2,100.00-Giambattista Valli's spring line looks spectacular!
$338.00-A very flattering dress by BCBGAAXAZRIA and a fantastic price.
$398.00-We love the cut of this dress by Kate Spade!
$395.00-we are loving the longer lengths!
$129.50-This dress looks expensive.
The color is fab and the length is just right.
$398.00-the exposed neck darts make this dress a winner.
$375.00 from Halston Heritage. A great everyday dress!
$450.00-We love the classic look of this handbag.
$1,095.00-Drop dead gorgeous!
$498.00- A fresh party dress!

Hot Sale items!



Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year from ShopScouter!

We are finding some great items on sale on line. Below are today's picks. 
Was $295.00
Now $206.50 (30% off): River, Black
Was $266.00
Now $186.20 (30% off): Blue
Was $278.00
Now $194.60 (30% off): Black/Gold Combo
Was $198.00
Now $138.60 (30% off): Black Cherry Blossom
$169.40 (30% off): Cream
Was $228.00
Now $159.60 (30% off): Black
Was $242.00
Now $121.00 (50% off): Red, Sand
Was $995.00
Now $398.00 (60% off): Grey Melange
Was $595.00
Now $297.50 (50% off): Navy
Was $242.00
Now $169.40 (30% off): Black Brocade
$276.50 (30% off): Pearl/Silver
Was $415.00
Now $207.50 (50% off): Cream
Was $295.00
Now $206.50 (30% off): Seagrass
Was $185.00
Now $129.50 (30% off): Coastal/Heather Bark
Was $1,250.00
Now $625.00 (50% off): Black
Was $352.00
Now $246.40 (30% off): Leopard
$169.40 (30% off): Fire Painter
Was $1,810.00
Now $724.00 (60% off): Bordeaux