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Now on SALE! was $98.00 Now $72.99-Ponte fabric looks and feels 
great and you can't go wrong with Not Your Daughter's Jeans.
Not Your Daughters Jeans Charlotte Ponte Trouser
Was $128.00 Now $81.99-this dress is on sale in black also.
Was $66.00 Now $52.99-I have this turtleneck in a blue color and I love it!
Was $168.00 Now $100.99
Was $176.00 Now $108.99-perfect for spring with a nice black wedge.
Was $154.00 Now $93.99-this jacket has a great shape!
Was $375.00 Now $229.00-this is a pretty classic shoe which also comes in a black/Brown combo.
Now on SALE! Was $186.00 Now $110.99
Was $32.00 Now $28.99-fleece lined leggings really appeal to me right now!
Was $79.00 Now $62.99-Cute top from Lucy.
Was $60.00 Now $47.99
Was $110.00 Now $78.99
Was $295.00 Now $177.99
Was $595.00 Now $399.00
Now on SALE! Was $129.50 Now $89.99
Was $89.00 Now $80.99-Hanky Panky rarely go on sale.
Was $228.00 Now $205.99-I love this dress and it will take you right into spring.
Was $348.00 Now $244.99
BCBGMAXAZRIA Barbara One-Shoulder Evening Gown
Was $225.00 Now $202.99
Was $595.00 Now $399.00
Was $625.00 Now $399.00-some great boots on sale!
Was $475.00 Now $299.00-nice looking short boot on sale! And it comes in black.


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